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Life is short, and if you want to get somewhere in life, don’t wait to be appointed if you want to lead. There are opportunities to lead every day if you want to. Leadership starts when you make the decision to act on opportunities and solve problems regardless of your current position. If you want to lead, you may find yourself at odds with the Status Quo. This is not a bad thing, and will take resolve.


Change is inevitable and the current way of doing things is far from the best way; we know these changes are coming and we count on leaders to make them happen. Leaders improve the lives of people around them because they are willing to take the initiative needed to get things moving in a positive direction. Leaders innovate by changing the way people do things.


Real leaders recognize that they are still part of a team. Before taking actions outside of your domain, it is important to do the job your team relies on first. Lead after your required work is done using your actions as an example (do not lead by dictating the actions of the team).


The best approach is to unite your team with a common vision or goal that everyone can get behind. Encourage and empower your team to lead so that everyone is working towards the same thing. A team is more than any single member, and by making it easier for people to connect and collaborate, you can create an environment for innovation. A teamwork approach to leading allows people to be a part of something bigger than themselves and accomplish more than normal chains of demand.


So whatever your current situation is, look for opportunities to solve problems and create new things. Lead by bringing people together and doing things differently.